Monday, November 25, 2013

Doodles, Doodles, Doodles...

Like many people, I've spent countless hours of my short life doodling mindlessly in notebooks, text books and the occasional school desk (sorry board of ed.). What is it about doodling thats so relaxing?
Recently I had taken my doodling to the next level and tried something a little more...formal? Not sure if thats the right word Im looking for (after all, Im not one for formalities lol) but I can't think of any other word for it at the moment. 

This piece was inspired by my love for maximalist art. I love busy cluttered art. 

I started off with a series of squares and rectangles of different sizes, then filled each one in with doodles.

The pens I used were the Pilot Precise V5 Rolling Ball in "extra fine" and a Sakura Pigma Micron pen in size 005 for the thinnest lines.

Every day I did two boxes until the entire page was filled in. 

Im really pleased with how this turned out. It was my first real, major doodle project. :)
Although this piece looks super complicated, anyone can create the patterns in this picture. You can find the instructions on how to create designs like this from here

I hope you find the site as helpful and fun as I did. 
Thanks for stopping by! :)

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