Saturday, October 26, 2013

Art Abandonment Update (Plus New Abandonment)

    While I was walking up the stairs at my school library I noticed that the broad banister would be a perfect place to leave behind the tag that I had made. No one was watching, so I quickly placed it there, took a picture and walked (more like sprinted) away. When I was leaving the library, I noticed that it was gone. I was so excited, I'm sure my grin exposed every single tooth in my mouth.
     That same night I was pretty surprised and super excited when I received an email from the finder. It read: "I found your art at the john jay library. Its beautiful! Thank you." How cool is that???!

     Sooo, the next day I made another piece to leave behind in a public place...

You can see the process here:

Hope you enjoyed!



  1. How did they know to contact you? You leave your email address on the piece?

    1. Yes, I wrote my personal email address on an index card that was packed with the gift and let them know that if they wanted to, they could let me know that they had found my piece.


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