Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Don't Throw Away Your Scraps!

Hi everyone!

Now, I know every visual artist can relate to this:

You have worked on a project or journal page that called for paper cutting, tearing, punching, etc. In the end, your project comes out looking fabulous but then you are left with teeny tiny bits of paper pieces and scraps all around your art space.

If you have been throwing them away, you may want to reconsider. I save my tiny paper scraps in a small tin and use them for various art projects.

The array of textures you can get from incorporating scrap pieces into your journal pages are incredible. 

 Im not even sure which projects these scraps came from. I think the cream colored paper bits were left over from the first art journal page I had even done.

This page represents a destroyed raft floating on the ocean. It's appropriately titled "What Raft?"

It's hard to see here but I glued down a piece of blue tissue paper.

Heres a page with a background that was textured with scraps left over from cutting an index card.
First, I glued down the scraps with gesso, then painted over them.

Off topic but...TASSELS!! :)

What can your scraps create?
Have a great day!


  1. I have my scraps sorted by color in a small (8-1/2 x 5") binder, in fed ex pouches I stuck onto cardstock -- and I also found a pack of 2 zipper pouches meant for an organizer. You're 100% right about keeping those little bits -- they ALWAYS seem to come in handy, and perfectly so, at some point!

  2. Hi Alicia. Just wanted to tell you I saw your work on Jennibellie's TAT. I believe in taking the time to comment in support of other artists. I love the work you've done. I've also been guest on her post. Keep on keeping on. You've come a long way since your first art journal. Awesome stuff!

    1. Jo, thank you so much for the support. Your words are very encouraging. It feels great to know that my work is appreciated. Thanks again :).


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